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ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) has been focusing on research and development for 14 years, and has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services for many universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, in order to promote the acceleration of cutting-edge scientific research in the field of biomedicine, it has formed a comprehensive biomedical R&D service platform with peptide synthesis, protein expression, antibody preparation as the core, set gene synthesis, primer synthesis and detection services, sequencing services and other diversified services, with new crown peptide library, cosmetic peptides, peptide drugs, protein products, Antibody products and other categories of independent research and development products.
In order to thank the contributions made by scientific researchers in the field of biomedicine, in order to support the vigorous development of biomedical scientific research in China, ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) specially launched the "Encourage publication, pay tribute to scientific research" activity, encourage scientific researchers to publish more high-level articles, create more scientific research results. Welcome more new and old customers to participate and share your joyful results.

Details of the event are as follows:

All researchers who publish articles in SCI journals or indicate in national invention patents that technical services or products are provided by ChinaPeptides Co., Ltd. between October 1, 2022 --- September 30, 2023 can apply for exclusive paper awards from ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO).

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Reward Rules:
1. For point exchange, please consult the exclusive customer service staff of ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO);
2. The award object is the first author or the joint first author of the article indexed by SCI, and each article can only receive the reward once;
3. If multiple products are used in the same article, multiple product rewards cannot be stacked at the same time;
4. If the same author publishes different articles using the same product, the reward will be received according to the highest IF value;
5. The products cited in the supplementary materials will not be rewarded, and the product and company information must be reflected in the text;
6. If you apply for the ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) Paper Award, it means that the author of the article has defaulted to authorize the right to publicize and use the ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) article;
7. The final interpretation right of the activity belongs to ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO).

How to claim rewards:
1. After communicating with the corresponding sales customer service personnel, send the full text of the PDF version of the paper to the email inside@chinapeptides.com, and provide "publication name + article name + order number + inventory code + impact factor" in the email, and the invention patent is subject to the national patent search system, and indicate "school/unit + name + order number + inventory code + patent number, application reward";
Note: The application paper must indicate the correct name of the product or technical service used, and ChinaPeptides Co., Ltd. to which the product or technical service belongs;
2. ChinaPeptides(QYAOBIO) will review and contact the applicant within 10 working days to confirm the information.