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What kinds of customized peptide services does ChinaPeptides provide?
We provide high quality peptide synthesis, rapid peptide synthesis, peptide library construction and large-scale peptide synthesis services.
How long does it take for a polypeptide to serve conventional synthesis?
The synthesis time varies according to the length and difficulty of the polypeptide sequence. The conventional peptide synthesis time is about 2 weeks, and we provide rapid peptide synthesis service, which can be delivered in up to 3 days.
What is the method used for the polypeptide synthesis of bright organisms?
The introduction of foreign advanced solid phase synthesis technology, according to customer needs for personalized peptide customization.
What is the longest length of polypeptide that ChinaPeptides can synthesize?
ChinaPeptides can synthesize peptides up to 189 amino acid sequences, which can provide milligram to kilogram grade peptides with a purity of up to 99%.
In what form does the polypeptide of ChinaPeptides ship? What data reports are provided?
Our polypeptides are delivered in freeze-dried powder form and can be packaged according to customer requirements. MS and HPLC reports are provided for each peptide. In addition, the solubility report and endotoxin test report are also available.
How can we ensure the stability and accuracy of the customer's peptide packaging?
The closed air filtration system is used to ensure the cleanliness of our products. The sub-assembly table adopts the experimental super stable marble structure table to ensure the stability of the weighing sub-assembly. At the same time, the CNAS certified superprecision 1/10000 balance is used for sub-packing to ensure accuracy.
How to deal with problems in peptide synthesis?
Each peptide has special properties and sometimes fails to achieve the expected results during the synthesis process. If for some special reason, the polypeptide sample cannot be delivered successfully, the technician will contact you in time.